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February 2024
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M. Cruz-Fernández, A. Achalandabaso-Ochoa, T. Gallart-Aragon, F. Artacho Cordón, M.J. Cabrerizo-Fernández, N. Pacce-Bedetti and I. Cantarero Villanueva,  "Quantity and quality of muscle in patients recently diagnosed with colorectal cancer: a comparison with cancer-free controls", "Supportive Care in Cancer" , -, 2020
F. Artacho Cordón and E. Barranco Castillo,  "Menstrual blood concentrations of parabens and benzophenones and related factors in a sample of Spanish women: An exploratory study", "Environmental Research" , vol.183, -, 2020
F. Artacho Cordón and M.I. Nuñez Torres,  "Matrix metalloproteases and TIMPs as prognostic biomarkers in breast cancer patients treated with radiotherapy: A pilot study", "Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine" , vol.24, 139-148, 2020
F. Artacho Cordón, P. Martin-Olmedo, E. Salamanca-Fernandez and N. Olea-Serrano,  "Contribution of sociodemographic, occupational, lifestyle and dietary characteristics to the oxidative stress microenvironment in adipose tissue", "Environmental Research" , vol.175, 52-62, 2019
F. Artacho Cordón and M.I. Nuñez Torres,  "Radiation and Stemness Phenotype May Influence Individual Breast Cancer Outcomes: The Crucial Role of MMPs and Microenvironment.Cancers", "Cancers" , vol.11, 1781-, 2019
J.M. Molina Molina, I. Jiménez-Díaz, M.F. Fernandez Cabrera, A. Rodriguez-Carrillo, F. Peinado, V. Mustieles, R. Barouki, C. Piccoli, N. Olea-Serrano and C. Freire-Warden,  "Determination of bisphenol A and bisphenol S concentrations and assessment of estrogen- and anti-androgen-like activities in thermal paper receipts from Brazil, France, and Spain", "Environmental Research" , vol.170, 406-415, 2019
J. Plaza Diaz, A.I. Alvarez Mercado, C.M. Ruíz-Marín, I. Reina-Perez, A.J. Pérez, M.B. Sánchez-Andujar, P. Torne-Poyatos, T. Gallart-Aragon, M.T. Sánchez-Barrón, S. Reyes-Lartategui, F. Garcia Garcia, N. Chueca Porcuna, A. Moreno-Delgado, K. Torres-Martínez, M.J. Saez Lara, C. Robles-Sanchez, M.F. Fernandez Cabrera and L. Fontana Gallego,  "Association of breast and gut microbiota dysbiosis and the risk of breast cancer: a case-control clinical study", "BMC Cancer" , vol.19, Art. 495-, 2019
C. Freire-Warden, J.M. Molina Molina, L.M. Iribarne, I. Jiménez-Díaz, F. Vela Soria, V. Mustieles, J.P. Arrebola-Moreno, M.F. Fernandez Cabrera, F. Artacho Cordón and N. Olea-Serrano,  "Concentrations of bisphenol A and parabens in socks for infants and young children in Spain and their hormone-like activities", "Environment International" , vol.127, 592-600, 2019

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